A Complete Range of Amplifiers

Power amplifier is meant to increase the power level of the input signal. In order to get huge power at the output, it is important that the input-signal voltage is large. That is why, in an electronic system, a voltage amps always comes before the power amplifier. Power amplifiers are used in the output level of audio amplifier systems to drive a loudspeaker load.

At Matrix Integrations, we provide high quality power amplifiers serving our clients starting from North side to overall India.

Presenting low-distortion power amplifiers that are bridgeable for flexible power allowance, PA series amplifiers provide a wide powerful range with excellent headroom. An on board limiter spares both amplifier and speakers from damaging transients, and a extensive electrical protection package guarantees long-haul stability. Equipped with Phoenix-style devices for fast, easy wiring, PA series amplifiers are located in compact, rack-ready 2RU chassis with ample internal airflow and exceptionally silent multi-stage lovers. Models are available in a variety of output powers and route configurations, several of which offer 70/100V output using low-distortion transformers.

The PA series of commercial power amplifiers is popular of installers everywhere for sound reinforcement; music and public address systems. Offering excellent flexibility and long-term reliability, the PA series is an outstanding value for any installation application.

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