Passive Speakers

Best Passive Speakers in India

Passive speakers also called as non powered, need to be powered by a different power amplifier or a powered mixer.

Matrix Integrations provide a complete range of passive speakers for all venues and applications that provide amazing audio effect. We source the best passive speakers to our clients in North India.

The power rating of the amplifier is matched to the speakers so they can just ever be utilized as a complete system. With certain passive speakers, you might also require different crossovers, devices that split the sound signal into many frequency levels so that lower frequencies get send to the woofer and the higher ones to the tweeter.

It is important to understand that a customer integrating a passive speaker system into a home theatre or home entertainment arrangement might be assembling the different components by piecemeal. In this way, the customer is left with the task of coordinating an amplifier for the specific passive speakers selected, or vice versa. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage to a passive speaker situation. Passive speakers with power amplifiers can offer a lot more significantly for a system. You can add in extra amplifiers and speaker management systems as your needs increase. When you decide it’s time to invest in new gear, you can upgrade various components of the system independently.

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