Line Array Speakers

Electro Voice Line Array Speakers

At Matrix Integrations, we have line array speakers and sound systems that provide unprecedented performance and amazing flexibility to audio designers and installers all around. The applications list goes on large outdoor and indoor areas, auditoriums, high-ceiling locations and venues, performing arts centres, houses of worship with wide horizontal coverage requirements, sports facilities; anywhere first-quality sound is needed permanently.

The line array speakers are the sound system that is made up of a number of usually similar loud speaker elements mounted in a line on a stage, to create a near-line source of sound. Line arrays sound systems can be focused in any direction, but their primary use in public address is in vertical arrays which provide a very narrow straight output pattern useful for concentrating sound at audiences without wasting output energy on roofs or vacant air above the audience. The vertical line array speakers shows a normally wide horizontal pattern useful for providing sound to the majority of a audience. Horizontal line array speakers, on the other hand have a very filter horizontal output pattern and a high vertical pattern.

The large format line array speakers has become the standard for large concert venues and outdoor celebrations, where such sound systems can be suspended from a structural beam, ground support tower. The lower section of the line array is generally rounded in reverse to increase distributions at the end of the array and allow audio to reach more audience individuals.

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