Audio Processor

Audio Processors – Electro-Voice

Audio processors function directly on the electrical signal, while digital processors operate mathematically on the digital representation of that signal.

Matrix Integrations delivers truly state-of-the-art audio and digital processors for today’s applications, Proven in many live applications and installations around the India. Whether you are permanently setting up a sound system or taking your portable rig to tonight’s gig, Our audio/digital signal processor will help you optimize your loudspeakers by providing the best audio processor and lets you see how you are shaping your sound.

We provide audio/digital processors that are designed to handle a large number of applications with various degrees of access to manage parameters. One event may call for a small, convenient system with limited accessibility for simple house, while another may need a larger system with deeper access to cross-over and limiter functions. In any case, our audio processor can be configured to the situation, scaled up or down, innovative or easy, always protect your investment. The user friendly software interface allows full control of all parameters for the most critical applications, beginning from churches, temples, gurudwaras to high-end club installations.

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